Non-Fungible Tokens are one-of-a-kind, easily verifiable digital assets that can represent everything from GIFs to photos to videos to music albums. Theoretically, anything that exists online can be acquired as an NFT.
Play-to-earn games, Play2Earn or P2E, are a type of gaming in which a platform allows players to earn any type of in-game asset that can be transferred to the real world as a valued resource, such as NFTs.
Your MonsterTruck NFTs will appear in the same address or associated wallet that you used to buy the MonsterTruck.
All the information is displayed on our Discord server.
When you purchase a MonsterTruck NFT from our website or secondary market, you own exclusive rights to your MonsterTruck. This means that you own the right to access the MonsterTruck community and you can access the games, but you also own the right to sell the NFT on the secondary market.
You have 2 possibilities to get a MonsterTruck NFT:
  • Fulfil all the conditions and be whitelisted. It allows you to mint directly from the MonsterTruck website
  • Buy a MonsterTruck NFT on the secondary market
By playing games you receive $LUCK token. By winning fights, you receive event more tokens. But also, if you hold a MonsterTruckNFT and you will be entitled to stake your card and automatically receive your $LUCK token into your wallet. You can stake your NFTs directly into our website and monitor your $LUCK balance.