Monster Truck NFT | Collect and Start the Car Fight

Collect the monstertruck NFTs and start the car fight

Take your license,
fasten your seat belt and
enter the arena

monster truck

killer features

  • Badass designs
  • Play-to-earn car fight game
  • Own parts of the game
  • Collect tokens by playing
  • Receive more tokens with the staked trucks
  • Win even more if you possess a rare card or a combo
  • Pool rewards

MonsterTruck NFT grand opening

Mint opens on January 26th 2022 at 5 pm UTC









What you get

Mint a driving license and you get automatically a free NFT vehicle. 2 NFTs for 1 mint, that a great deal.

When you mint, you are granted access to all the games and you can start playing with your free truck.

Driving license NFT

The driving license allows you to enter and register for truck fights.

MonsterTruck NFT

The truck is your vehicle and will perform during the fight. Each truck corresponds to a level and you can enter a fight only if you have the appropriate vehicle.

monster truck games
monster truck nft

Sandbox truck arena

After the first mint collections, MonstersTruck NFT is going to buy some piece of land on the Sandbox for its members and for then to invite friends. Competitions will be organized there on the metaverse and it will be awesome!



  • Play anytime and win the fight thanks to your collection.
  • Access to different level races according to your portfolio.


  • Some trucks are rarer than others and also have better stats to win the race.
  • You choose how you want to trade them because you are the sole owner.


  • You can win tokens because you play, even more, because you win a fight, but also because you stake your cards.
  • Keep them in the garage and you will still increase your token balance.